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SORR Solutions are applicable across many use scenarios

The maintenance and decommissioning of thousands of oil and gas structures, many at the end of their operational life, is technically complex and for the industry brings commercial challenges whether to decommission in situ or on-shore.  It is Industry’s responsibility to mitigate the substantial environmental risks

SORR has developed a reusable, rugged, deformable with high ‘spring’, tear resistant, semi-porous sponge material that combines micro-and macrostructural properties with physicochemical surface characteristics that make is a superb material for removal of hydrocarbons without loss of structural integrity after repeat use.

SORR can enable the creation of SORR material on-site, with the option to be articulated with other existing technologies or add additional properties to the material to address mixed-waste issues or other surface cleaning requirements, including filtration cleaning of wastewater. 

After use and end of life SORR material can be volume-reduced, further process (‘waste mining’) or carbonised and converted into energy.

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Oil derrick
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