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Sustainable Oil Recovery & Remediation is an Australian-owned company. Our recyclable, reusable, repurposable, hydrophobic, high-performance Sucoil® Sponge offers a sustainable oil recovery solution. Closing the loop on waste. Our Land product range includes:

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Spill Kits


Spill Kits are essential for any Australian workplace that
handles or stores hazardous liquids including oil and fuel and anything else that could contaminate a work site and prove hazardous to humans or environmental health. Our spill kits assist your company in meeting its duty of care requirements for your staff. Our solutions are recyclable and fully customisable to meet your oil remediation needs, assuring your environmental compliance.


Land Kits
30 Litre / 70 Litre / 120 Litre / 240 Litre / 360 Litre POA

100mm Hand Sponge - 3 pack


The Sucoil hand sponges are unlike others and are reusable many times over. They are great for use in the kitchen, workshops, boats and anywhere there is a small oil spill.


Hand Sponge.png
Drain Mat copy.jpg

Drain Mat


SORR manufactures a range of drain mats, designed to seal stormwater drains, grates and manholes following a hydrocarbon/pollutant spill. 



Riverlogs are ideal for riverbank protection, silt entrapment, wave dissipation, runoff & stream diversion, spill containment as well as aquatic/wetland plant protection and buttressing on revegetation projects. Riverlogs are made from natural fibres 
which degrade over time whilst encouraging natural revegetation.

RIVERLOG copy.jpg

Mixed Waste Drain Pollutant Filter 


Prevents contaminants from entering the stormwater system while still allowing water to flow through. It captures coarse sediments and debris from runoff. When accompanied with the (MWDPF) absorbent filter, effectively removes hydrocarbons, PFAS and other pollutants. Suits various drain sizes.



Designed for traffic environments, such as driveways. Allows vehicles to drive over without breakage. Constructed from high strength UV resistant filter fabric, traps any sediment but allow water to flow through. Measurements – 150mm diameter x various lengths.

TRAFSOCK copy.jpg



To be used on-site to dispose of SORR Mixed Waste Drain Pollutant Filters, Riverlogs and Trafsocks to allow for collection. SORR is committed to zero landfill and reduce contaminants and emissions in our environment. To achieve this SORR has developed a proprietary Reuse/Recycle and Repurpose process. We ask our clients to put our products in the ESCE Unit and call us when it is full.  240 Litre Unit shown
Also available in 360 Litre unit size.

Land Product Enquiry 

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