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SORR removes pollutants before they enter our environment.

Our revolutionary Sponge captures hydrocarbons (pollutants) at the source before environmental damage is done, they are then recycled, and the sponge is reused and repurposed, thus reducing landfill. We are working hard to be part of a circular economy.

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Currently working with 


Currently working with 


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Partnering with 

Our Stormwater Solution is a preventive treatment and filtration system, designed to remove hydrocarbons from urban stormwater run-off and prevent pollutants from irreparably contaminating our waterways.


Granular open/semi-open cell technology is at the core of the Sucoil Sponge.


Our mission

is to clean our earth and its oceans more efficiently and sustainably than ever before, thus leaving the planet healthier than we inherited it.

Sustainable Oil Recovery & Remediation

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