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We are a team of motivated environmental and purposed-based individuals spread across Australia. The founders of the company have a love for the ocean and they both have a lifetime of commercial and recreational maritime experience.

Core Team

                   Marc Kuhl

Marc has extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of marine operations with a longstanding history working in both the commercial industry and private sector. He has formerly held the ranks of Captain with both Master Class 4 and Chief Engineer MED II – qualifications.


                 David Guthrie
                 Founder/Research & Development

Dave is responsible for developing the Sucoil Sponge and executing new products along with planning, organising, controlling and coordinating research and development activities within SORR. He has lived and worked all his life along the water’s edge of Sydney Harbour and has in-depth experience as a marine industrial sand-blaster and painter, working on historic Cockatoo Island. 


                   Prof. Dr. Richard Banati
                   Head of Research & Development


Richard is a senior scientist (Distinguished Researcher Fellow) at Australia’s Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and full professorship at the University of Sydney, where he’s the Foundation Chair of Medical Radiation Sciences. He is internationally recognised for his work on the biological mechanisms of disease, injury and environmental exposure on the brain’s innate immune system. His research interests include the up-take of microplastics by marine life, their environmental impact and the traceability of associated toxins in the oceans. He is pro bono Chair & Medical Director of Mothers Milk Bank Charity, Australia's first community-based milk bank since 2009. Here, too, his focus is on improving emergency and disaster readiness.


                   David Doust
                   Strategic Advisor 


David brings experience in Planning, Conflict of Interest, Governance, Town Planning, Conflict Resolution and Commercial Design.  He is the Managing Director of Dado Designs - proving Client Management, Project Management and Construction Management.  Previously, Mayor of Strathfield, David served 10 years as a Municipal Councillor, serving on a number of committees relating to Municipal Management and Governance. 


                   Robert Manning
                   Managing Director


Robert joined the SORR Team after passionately advocating for Tuggerah Lakes And Estuaries Stormwater Water Trial as a community science project lead. Identifying underlying environmental issues impacting the waterways where he lives, he undertook an intensive ChangeMakers program with the Central Coast Council and was awarded a grant to implement a trial of a solution to improve the water entering Tuggerah Lake.  


After a stellar career in Telecommunications and Digital Technology and Marketing, he brings a range of skills and experience to the team along with his passion for the environment. 


                   Chris Kiprovski
                   Communications & Creative Director  


Chris is an award-winning Creative Director based in Australia with over 15 years of experience in the branding and advertising sectors. He works with a multitude of brands to better our world for the future. He is also a natural connector and is relationship-focussed in his approach to life, people, and business. Chris has a strong love for the ocean and has seen first-hand the damage pollution has caused over the years. 



SORR is a Global Finalist of XTC 2022. Xtreme Tech Challenge is a non-profit organization behind the world’s biggest startup competition that aims to help startups change the world for the better. In our quest, we are supported by leading corporations, VCs, foundations, policymakers, universities and tech conferences.


SORR was an Australian national finalist of ClimateLaunchpad which is the world’s largest green business ideas competition.


Working with

Birkenhead Point Marina, Sydney Harbour
Central Coast Council,

Cockatoo Island Marine, Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour 

Collaborating with 

AWS (Amazon Web Services)
Newcastle University


SORR is a member of the Climate Salad

SORR is a member of the Queensland AI Hub.

SORR is a member of the Marina Industries Association.

Currently Sponsoring 

SORR is currently a sponsor of Ocean in Motions.

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