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SORR supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our sustainability strategy is underpinned by the UN SDGs, the following six in particular to map our sustainable potential.


GOAL 03: Good Health & Well-Being


Capturing hydrocarbons before they enter water systems that communities live from and use for irrigation with their farming.


GOAL 06: Clean Water & Sanitation


Cleaning water of hydrocarbons and plastics for reuse in gardens, WC, washing, cooling and other systems.


GOAL 09: Industry, Innovation
& Infrastructure


Creating new stormwater catchments removing plastics and hydrocarbons before water is transferred to reservoirs or let go to sea, upgrade existing water systems with our adaptive solutions.


GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities
& Communities


Reducing stored drinking water usage by capturing runoff and grey water, then redirecting it via the SOR filtration system to reservoirs for latter non-potable use


GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption & Production


• Recondition and reuse of Sucoil Sponge.
• The used sponge is refined into other products. 
• Captured hydrocarbons are recycled.
All the above equals a reduced material footprint process.


GOAL 14: Life Below Water


Preventing dead zones by capturing hydrocarbons before they enter a waterway. Protecting photosynthetic plants from dying because of a lack of sunlight and exposure to pollutants.

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