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Our Stormwater Solution 

in action on Tuggerah Lakes,

Central Coast, NSW.


In Collaboration with 

Our Stormwater Solution is a preventive treatment and filtration system, designed to remove hydrocarbons from urban stormwater run-off and prevent pollutants from irreparably contaminating our waterways.

Almost 800 million litres of hydrocarbons enter our oceans and waterways each year, 1 litre of oil can contaminate 1 million litres of water. Unfortunately, small land-based spills and intentional uses of hydrocarbons that contribute to stormwater contamination go “unnoticed” as there is no reliable way to measure their impact, until now. 


Through extensive fieldwork and testing (with ANSTO’s assistance), SORR has placed the Sucoil sponge around stormwater drains throughout Sydney Harbour to confirm the sponge's efficiency in capturing hydrocarbons from stormwater systems. Unfortunately, the test results showed a higher amount of contamination than expected. These smaller spills and intentional applications of hydrocarbons continue to devastate and impact our ecosystems and environment.  

SORR’s Sucoil sponge is user-friendly, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective, but more importantly creates a circular economy, closing the loop on waste by:

  • Removing oil and hydrocarbons– saving marine ecosystems 

  • Recycling the oil - reducing waste

  • Reusing the sponge – reducing landfill, and 

  • Repurposing the sponge to end obsolescence.

Stormwater Contamination Solution


Hydrocarbons are accidentally spilled (service stations, industrial uses, etc) and intentionally added (bitumen additives, fertilisers, etc) to surfaces in a local catchment. When rain falls in the catchment hydrocarbons are flushed into the local storm water drainage systems. The storm water systems release contaminated rainwater into rivers, lakes, harbours and oceans. 


SORR’s Stormwater Solution


SORR’s Stormwater Solution is made up of our Sucoil Boom and Sensor Array. This setup allows us to not only capture contaminates before they enter larger water bodies but we can also monitor and record conditions and contamination levels before and after the boom, sending data to the cloud where it is analysed by AI technology. The AI gives real time insights into contamination capture and filtration processes as well as helping optimise the entire system enabling us to capture more contamination as further knowledge is gained.  

Our vision is to clean our earth and its oceans more efficiently and sustainably than ever before, thus leaving the planet healthier than we inherited it. Preventing contaminated stormwater from flowing into our rivers, lakes, harbours and oceans is one step towards our goal. Working with Councils and communities we hope to improve education about the impacts stormwater has on water quality and create behavioural change that will help us reach our goal. SORR’s Stormwater System provides an ideal solution to protect one of our most precious resources.

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