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What is Sustainable Oil Recovery & Remediation...


SORR is dedicated to improving the environment, eliminating toxic hydrocarbons and dissolved pollutants by diagnosing, preventing, monitoring, and remediating waterways to ensure clean water and valuable waste.

Our Solutions:

• Environmental Impact Data
• Stormwater
• Marina
• Civil & Mining
• Emergency
• Oceanic
• Combination with other remediation approaches 


Whilst we can see the tonnes of plastic waste that has ended up in our ocean, there is a much bigger and broader unseen issue, with the thousands of millions of litres of hydrocarbon and petrochemical pollutants that lie upon the surface of our waterways, gradually making their way to the ocean floor.

Because of this global threat, Sustainable Oil Recovery & Remediation (SORR) has developed a sponge technology that rapidly absorbs oil from land and water, without absorbing water. The oil is recycled and the sponge is re-used, reconditioned, refined and repurposed. SORR is proud to be part of a circular economy


Our Sponge can be adapted to assist with any sized scenario - from a bilge sock in a boat to the world’s largest oil spills, allowing repeated use of the sponge until the job is completed. This is the only spill recovery product with these capabilities/abilities.


Our holistic system was created to tackle the problems marinas face on an everyday basis and the Stormwater Solution is a preventive treatment and filtration system designed to remove hydrocarbons from urban runoff.

At SORR, we are Australian-owned and extremely proud of the product we have developed and the systems we have invented.


Our Partners



SORR is a Global Finalist of XTC 2022. Xtreme Tech Challenge is a non-profit organization behind the world’s biggest startup competition that aims to help startups change the world for the better. In our quest, we are supported by leading corporations, VCs, foundations, policymakers, universities and tech conferences.


SORR was an Australian national finalist of ClimateLaunchpad which is the world’s largest green business ideas competition.


Working with

Birkenhead Point Marina, Sydney Harbour
Central Coast Council, NSW

Cockatoo Island Marine, Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour 

Collaborating with 

AWS (Amazon Web Services)
Newcastle University 


SORR is a member of the Climate Salad
SORR is a member of the Queensland AI Hub

SORR is a member of the Marina Industries Association

Currently Sponsoring 

SORR is currently a sponsor of Ocean in Motions.

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