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Sustainable Oil Recovery & Remediation has developed a user and environmentally friendly, cost-effective way to recover oil leaked in your boat from the engine, gearbox or steering systems. Be ready for any onboard oil recovery with our oil absorbent bilge socks.

Each sock has a capacity of recovering 0.75 litres of oil and can be reused more than 10 times, meaning you can recover 7.5+ litres​ of oil in the lifetime of the product.

How the technology works


Sustainable Oil Recovery_Marine 2021.png

The Sucoil Sponge in action, amazingly absorbing oil and repelling water.

Specifically created to catch the problem at the source and stop pollutants from entering our waterways.

Directions for use:


1: Place and secure the sock in the desired position.

2: Squeeze sock over funnel into an approved container. (Use PPE if required)

3: After use, place sock back into desired position or store in a bag or container. Take captured oil to a recycling facility

Dispose of as in accordance to State Government and EPA regulations.

Scanning electron microscopy (SME) Analysis

(Performed at 15kV. 200pm. 100x)
Prof Dr Richard Banati, ANSTO
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

Sucoil_Ocean Impact_2021_Supers.png



From Bilge Sock offsets, personalised leasing agreements and waste management logistics, if you implement a Sustainable Oil Recovery & Remediation Marina Solution, you will not only save money we’ll help you save time too and minimise your business impact on the environment.

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